1. What kind of people are joining the association?
  Professional and amateur artists. People who are only interested in mosaics (not creators) are also joining the association.
2. What kind of activities do you do?
  Mosaic biennale are hosted biennially. On the years with no biennale, exhibition will be hosted.
Every two months, Mosaic News will be published, and latest information can be obtained.
3. I am an amateur but can I join?
  Of course, you are very welcome. Although you are not a professional creator, if you are interested in Mosaic, you are welcome to join.
4. Where can I see mosaic arts?
  If you consciously see your surroundings, you will be able to find many things those will apply as mosaic art. In Mosaic Art Association, there are many artists who create wonderful art works. In Mosaic News, information such as where the exhibits are going to be held will be also included.
5. What exactly is “mosaic”?
  Mosaic art is work of art or techniques of interlocking small pieces (tessera) of materials such as marble, glass, and tile.