What is Mosaic Art Association in Japan?



The objective of Mosaic Art Association in Japan is to promote mosaic art, support the artist and raise the public awareness.
Historically, mosaic art using marble stones became popular around 3 B.C. The oldest mosaic work was found on Pantheon of Uruk in City-States of Ancient Sumer.
In Japan, mosaic art was introduced after the Meiji Period and many mosaic arts were frequently created on the walls and floor after 1960s. Seizing the occasion of Symposium hosted by the Italian AIMC in Kamakura City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, artists established Mosaic Art Association in Japan the following year.
Also, as the information center, not only limited in Japan, Mosaic Art Association in Japan collects news from all over the world in the form of newsletters. Mosaic Art Association in Japan will continue various activities as the stronghold of Mosaic Art in Japan.